Weight Reduction | Low Calorie

Weight Reduction | Low Calorie

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Excess fat negatively impacts a dog's health and life span. Obese dogs are at a higher risk for various diseases which in turn leads to poor quality of life. Weight management is one of the ways to ensure your dog leads a healthy and happy life. 

Our Weight reduction meal has been developed by a veterinary doctor. The meal is made from all-natural, fresh ingredients.

NOM Pro Tip

It is important that the weight loss is gradual and monitored to avoid other health risks. Food alone will not have the desired impact. Regular play and exercise is important.
Remember to watch the treats you give. Oftentimes, we make changes to the food but the treats are the real enemies.

Low Calorie

The food is low in calories while it still contains the right nutritional mix needed for dogs to thrive. The ingredients of the meal are lean chicken, chicken liver, chicken heart, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas, beetroot, brown rice, turmeric, eggshell powder, psyllium husk, coconut oil. 


Treatment for your dog's weight issue will be based upon the severity of your dog’s medical case, age and overall health. In many cases, treatment for this condition includes dietary restrictions and medications. Please note that our food is not medicine. It is the right nutrition that supports the medication suggested by your vet.

Storage & Shelf Life 

The meal packets are to be stored in the freezer at all times.
Each Meal is pre portioned, vacuum sealed and frozen to increase longevity.

When stored in the freezer, they last easily for 2 weeks.

Feeding Instructions

  1. The food is fully cooked and ready-to-serve. No need to cook. Simply thaw and serve.
  2. The meal packets are to be stored in the freezer at all times.
  3. Do not microwave the packet. Empty the contents in a bowl to microwave. Cool and serve.
  4. It takes 45 mins, if you were to naturally thaw it.

How does the subscription work?
Choose your plan:
(a) Full Subscription, 2 meals/day plan
14 meals delivered; once a week.

(b) Half ‘n’ Half, 1 meal/day plan
7 meals delivered; once a week.
Leave the rest to us! 😊

Where are the meal cooked?
We have our own state of the art, all stainless steel kitchen. We follow strict processes and protocols to make sure your baby gets fresh, hygienically prepared, nourishing food without fail!
You are welcome to come to our kitchen and meet the team behind the magic 😊

Choose Health. Order now.