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Who Are We

Some people begin their day with a coffee. Some, with yoga. Ours begin with wet, sloppy kisses and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We live for floppy ears, waggy tails, and a whole lot of boops.

No matter where, when we see a furry little fella, we get on all our fours, look into those puppy eyes and go, ‘Who’s a good boy?’, in that baby voice of course.

Because who are we kidding? Big or small, they’re always babies.

And we fuss over them like any mother does. Perhaps a little more than most mothers do.

We gladly skip Friday night parties for early morning walks. Make more friends at dog parks than at pubs.

Our insta-stories feature cute sleeping poses instead of Dalgona coffees. We’ve got dog-mom groups to plan elaborate birthday parties. We’ve even got a different remedy for every kind of sneeze.

Yeah, we go all out, always. Because that’s what you do when you are seriously in love.

Some people do call us obsessive. Some think we’re nuts.

I guess we are. Nuts over mutts.

How Nuts over Mutts meals began

It all started when a two-month-old Beagle puppy walked into my life, four years ago. Within days Poppy became the centre of my world. My love for her got me obsessing about every tiny aspect of her life. Most of all, her nutrition. I spent hours on end, figuring out the perfect diet for my baby. And I am here to share that little secret with you.

Fresh, home-cooked meals.

I have seen the difference it has made in Poppy’s life and now, we’re thrilled to offer the wholesome goodness of fresh, home-cooked meals for your little one too. At Nuts over Mutts, we understand that different dogs have different nutritional needs and that’s why, we let you customize your meal plan based on your baby’s individual requirements.

Each meal is prepared with utmost detail and a whole lot of love, in our own kitchens. From collaborating with top veterinarians to sourcing the freshest of ingredients, we go that extra mile to ensure that your little one gets all the nutrients they need. Because just like you, we too believe that your baby only deserves the best.

- Manvi Gupta
  Founder, Nuts Over Mutts

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