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Is Fresh food good for my dog? Is it better than kibble?

Fresh food works wonders for the overall well-being of our dogs— promoting heart health, increasing energy level, making coats shiny and breath smell better, improving eyesight, to improve and better smelling poop! As pet obesity, cancer, and diabetes rise at alarming rates, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that points to the health benefits of a fresh food diet.As dog parents, we have been feeding a fresh diet to our dogs since they were puppies and have seen first-hand the positive impact it has had on their health.Eating heavily-processed foods, such as fries, burgers, hotdogs, etc., as a major diet component can lead to serious health problems in humans. Commercial dog foods are the canine version of fast foods, and they are very harmful for our little one. Here are a few reasons:

  • Many of the nutrients in kibble are lost during the high-heat process, so flavor enhancers and synthetic nutrients are added to replace what has been lost. Different types of carcinogens are created in this process that could be detrimental to our dog’s long-term health.
  • They are usually made from 4-D meat (Meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals).
  • It contains a very high quantity of preservatives and other nasties. Ask yourself how can something that stays in a packet for years without getting spoiled be good for health?
  • Kibble is a low-moisture product, which puts a dog in a constant state of dehydration. Imagine eating nothing but dry biscuits. Dehydration can lead to other health problems.
  • There’s no way to know what you are feeding! Brown Pellets are not food.

Dogs have thrived for centuries alongside man even before commercial dog food was invented. Commercial dog food became the norm for most household canines only after a massive marketing campaign led by a group of dog-food industry lobbyists called the Pet Food Institute in 1964 in the US. Choose the best for your little one.

How are The Nuts Over Mutts meals made?

The secret ingredient is obsessive love for dogs :)Each meal is freshly prepared with utmost care and detail in our own kitchens. From collaborating with top veterinarians to sourcing the freshest of ingredients, we go that extra mile to ensure that your little one gets all the nutrients they need. Because just like you, we too believe that your baby only deserves the best.Once cooked, the meals are pre-portioned to your dogs’ daily requirements, vacuum sealed and delivered to your doorstep.

How is it different from other pet foods available in the market?

Nuts over Mutts is customised to your dogs’ individual needs. We have different plans for puppies, adult and senior dogs; you can further customise the meal to your dog's specific dietary restrictions/requirements. To make sure your dog gets all the nutrients they need, our meal plans consist of a mix of chicken, lamb, all meat and veg meals.Unlike most packaged pet food brands, Nuts over Mutts is made from 100% natural, hooman-grade ingredients, with no chemicals, fillers, preservatives or any other nasties. The food consists of muscle meat, organ meat, fresh vegetables, rice, special lakadong turmeric, egg shell powder, coconut oil and sprinkled with flax, sesame and chia seeds.  Our ingredients are freshly sourced from the first-hand person to ensure quality is not compromised. Our promise is to deliver untainted goodness to your baby.

Do I need to refrigerate the food?

Yes! We deliver vacuum sealed frozen meals to you. When it's time to feed, take a meal out of the freezer, heat it up, and watch it get devoured.

Do I need to cook the food?

No! Our food is fully cooked, pre-portioned to your dogs requirements and ready-to-serve. Simply heat the meal, cool and serve it to your dog.

How do you know what kind of food my dog needs?

We work closely with vets to figure out the optimal meal plans for different combinations of breed, age, activity level, ideal weight, and sensitivities. That way, we can ask you the right questions to create a plan that’s truly customized to your dogs’ characteristics and needs. After you start, our trusty team is here every step of the way to help monitor your dog’s progress and make adjustments to your plan. We are even ready to work with your vet to plan your baby’s customized meal plan.

Do I need to consult my vet to use Nuts Over Mutts meals?

Our recipes are carefully prepared by a canine nutritionist and are safe to transition to. However, feel free to consult your vet before switching. We will be happy to work with your veterinary nutritionists if your dog has specific dietary requirements.

Why can’t I just cook dog food at home?

Of course you can! We believe in home cooked meals for our little ones. Ensuring that the right nutrient is fed to the dog and the food should not be lacking in crucial nutrients that’s required specially for your dog. Serious complications from nutrient deficiencies (and, more commonly, overdosing) could arise if a recipe hasn’t been properly calibrated.

Creating your plan

How do I sign up for a plan?

It’s very simple! Choose your plan and make the payment.You then fill a form and share all your dog details with us (age, weight, breed, activity levels, medical needs etc.) and we are ready to cook! Prepare to watch your dog lick their bowl clean.

How much does this cost?

The cost varies according to the plan you choose and the weight of the dog.

Visit ns/products to choose the right meal plan.

How do you determine my dogʼs portions?

Portions are based on your dogs age, activity levels, spayed/neutered and medical needs. Certain dogs can metabolize faster than others, so some plans may need further adjusting.

Packaging And Delivery

How do shipments work?

We currently deliver to Delhi/NCR.

Deliveries are made twice a week to ensure you feed fresh food at all times. We perfectly time deliveries to make sure you never run out of food, an extra day’s meal will always be with you. Because that’s what we do in love. Think of every possibility.

How do I know if the food is safe to feed when it arrives?

As long as the pack is frozen and all packs are cold to the touch, theyʼre safe to feed and refreeze! We also send a WhatsApp notification with the details for each order. Our deliveries are made by our in-house team to ensure a flawless experience.

Your Subscription

What if my dog doesn’t like the food?

If your dog doesn’t love our food, we can send you additional recipes to try, or you can opt for a refund if you donate the food to a shelter.

How will I be billed for my plan?

This is a subscription model. You can opt for the following: Starter, Monthly or Quarterly plan and you will be billed accordingly.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can easily pause your subscription anytime. Just let us know in advance so the food is not wasted.

Cancellation clause

Subscription 1 month – No refund 

Subscription 3 months or more – Full Refund of upcoming months (not running) is given.

What do I do if I’m traveling?

It’s easy to feed NOM NOM while on the move!

If you are traveling with your baby, let us know the duration and we will get the meals ready before you hit the road. When traveling with fresh food, it’s best to keep it in an insulated container or tote along with a few ice packs. 

If you’d like to pause the subscription when you travel, that can be done too.

My pet has a sensitive stomach and allergies. Is it still safe to feed Nuts Over Mutts Food?

Yes! For dogs with a sensitive stomach, fresh food is highly recommended. We are happy to custom make a meal for your dog keeping in mind their allergies and dietary needs.

My dog is a vegetarian. Do you have vegetarian NOM food?

We do have vegetarian diets cooked using plant protein, legumes, vegetables and our nutritional add ons.  

However, animal protein is an important part of the canine diets. Our first preference is to always have a mixed diet.

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