Healthy Weight Gain | High Calorie

Healthy Weight Gain | High Calorie

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Please note the healthy weight gain meal plan is not medicine nor a substitute to medicine. It is the right nutrition that supports the medication suggested by your vet. 

There are many reasons why a dog could be underweight. From underlying health issues to them just being picky eaters. A nutritionally-balanced, calorie-rich diet can help your dog gain weight in a gradual, controlled manner. And maintaining the ideal weight can positively impact their health and wellbeing. 

Advantages of NOM Healthy Weight Gain Meal Plan 
Formulated in collaboration with a veterinarian, this plan consists of meals which are made from all-natural, fresh ingredients. The food is calorie rich with a healthy dose of fat and fiber. 

NOM Pro Tip
It is important that the weight gain is gradual. Exercise and play are important for mental stimulation and overall health, and should not be compromised. 


Lean chicken, chicken liver, chicken heart, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, green beans, peas, white rice, turmeric, eggshell powder, flax seeds, sesame seeds, coconut oil. 

High in Fiber and Fat
This meal is calorie rich, with a healthy dose of fiber and fat. 

Storage & Shelf Life 
The meal packets are to be stored in the freezer at all times.
Each meal packet is pre-portioned, vacuum sealed and frozen to increase longevity.
When stored in the freezer, they last easily for 2 weeks.
Feeding Instructions
  1. The food is fully cooked and ready-to-serve. No need to cook. Simply thaw and serve.
  2. The meal packets are to be stored in the freezer at all times.
  3. Do not microwave the packet. Empty the contents in a bowl to microwave. Cool and serve.
  4. It takes 45 mins, if you were to naturally thaw it.
How does the subscription work?
Choose your plan:
(a) Full Subscription, 2 meals/day plan
14 meals delivered; once a week.

(b) Half ‘n’ Half, 1 meal/day plan
7 meals delivered; once a week.
Leave the rest to us! 😊 
Where are the meals cooked?
We have our own state of the art, all stainless steel kitchen. We follow strict processes and protocols to make sure your baby gets fresh, hygienically prepared, nourishing food without fail! You are welcome to come to our kitchen and meet the team behind the magic 
😊 Choose Health. Order now.