Ultimutt Summer Hydration

Ultimutt Summer Hydration

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Our Ultimutt Summer Hydration consists of:

2 Liquid Meals (200gm each, chicken)
2 Nutri-gravies (200 gm each, chicken)
2 Comfort Khichdis (200gm each, chicken)
This combo will nourish and hydrate your furry baby in the summer. Even the fussy dogs approve! Watch them lick their bowls clean.

Health Benefits
Contains the hydrating nutritional power of bone broth. 
Rich in Protein essential for growth and muscle development.
Rich in Calcium essential for healthy bone and joints. 

Feeding Instructions
The comfort khichdi is fully cooked and ready to eat. Just open the pack and serve. 
The nutri-gravy can be added to existing food (homemade), or mixed with dry food (kibble) for a hydrating nutritional boost, or mix with warm water to serve as soup, or just feed as it is.
The liquid meal, can be added to existing food (homemade), or mixed with dry food (kibble) for a hydrating nutritional boost, or it feed as it is.

Unopened, the pack does not need refrigeration. Store in a cool, dry place. Consume within 3 months from date of packaging.
Once opened, store the pack in a refrigerator. Consume the contents within 2 days from opening the pack.
Do not consume if the pack is puffed or torn or damaged.

2-3 working days within Delhi NCR.
3-5 working days for Rest of India.

Tested on Humans. Loved by Dogs.

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